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Pre-Academic Skills

Parenting is a team sport, let us help

Young children who develop Pre-Academic skills are more likely to succeed in academic skills once they enter school, have better chances of succeeding later on at school, and carry these skills with them as they grow older.  Parent training in pre-academic skills is available to enable you to implement these skills at home. 

Ensuring these activities are fun is an essential element of this program!  

Pre-Academic Skills may include developing:

  • Dialogic reading to improve: vocabulary, attention, recall, reading comprehension, narrative skills and conversation skills

  • Developing an interest in books

  • Activities to support identification of letters

  • Learning phonics through play

  • Identifying numbers through play

  • Games to develop One to One Correspondence

  • Gross motor and fine motor development

  • Listening to and following instructions

  • Turn taking

  • Strategies to support transition to school

Parenting is a team sport, let us help

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