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ADHD, Austism, SPD, Giftedness

Parenting is a team sport, let us help

Yvonne supports parents of children who are neurodivergent and experiencing challenges related to ADHD, autism, sensory processing and giftedness.


Occupational Therapy interventions are more effective when also implemented at home by parents. Yvonne works alongside parents to provide effective strategies they can incorporate at home.  

Sessions may address:


  • Organisation and planning

  • Sensory processing difficulties

  • Self-regulation skills

  • Parenting challenges

  • Stress management

  • Parent training in behaviour therapy  

  • Executive functioning: required for planning, focus, remembering instructions and completing tasks



Sensory Processing

Children with sensory processing disorder (SPD) may be over- or under-responsive to sensory information; they may not be accurately interpreting sensory information or may have a sensory based motor disorder. Studies have found that 40% of children with ADHD also have Sensory Processing Disorder (Ahn, Miller et. al., 2004). Sensory processing difficulties observed in individuals with autism can overlap with those seen in SPD.  Yvonne works alongside parents to provide strategies, including the BrainWorks program, to address children’s sensory needs and enable them to thrive at home, school, and in everyday life.

Developing Self-Regulation:

Self-regulation means we are able to regulate our own feelings and behaviours. A child with poor self-regulation may have a meltdown over a small problem, like being told they have to stop playing with their favourite toy as the family are going out. Yvonne teaches parents how to implement The Zones of Regulation® at home, and co-regulation strategies, to help their child regulate their emotions and behaviour

Executive Functioning Skills

EFS refer to a family of mental processes that allow us to reason and think before acting, meet new challenges head-on and with flexibility, and stay focused and concentrate, and more.  

Often, EFS can be more predictive of academic and career success than either socioeconomic status or IQ. 

EFS blossom most when we lessen things that impair them (like stress or sadness) and enhance the things that support them (like joy or feelings of belonging).  EFS also help regulate emotions and can help children manage stimulus and cope with stress. 

To improve EFS, practice is critical.  EFS need to be continually challenged to see improvements, specific activities are taught to parents during our session

Parent Training in Behaviour Therapy

Research has proven that behaviour therapy is an effective treatment for ADHD - indeed, more so than medication alone - and is most effective when delivered by parents. Parent training is individualised: it may include implementing schedules, routines, strategies to support activities, positive praise, effective limit-setting, natural consequences, planned ignoring, positive interactions and working together to problem solve challenges. Parent training includes creating a positive environment that supports mental health over time.  

Parent Coaching

Yvonne provides parent coaching that is neurodiverse-affirming, helping you understand your child's needs and support them to reach their full potential. Neurodiversity affirming practice involves embracing flexibility, tapping into an individual's strengths and respecting that every individual's journey is unique.

Parenting is a team sport, let us help

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