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Parenting Support & Skills

Parenting is a team sport, let us help

In todays modern world parenting has become increasingly complicated and demanding.  Yvonne works alongside parents to address their specific concerns and develop their 'tool box' with positive parenting skills, self-regulation skills, science based meditation exercises, sensory tools, scheduling resources and more.


Yvonne provides a supportive and non-judgemental space for parents to share their emotions and concerns, she's passionate about helping find solutions to the everyday challenges that come along with parenting.


Do you need support with:

  • Your parenting role

  • Establishing healthy family rules and routines

  • Connecting with your child

Does your child need help:

  • Planning & organising

  • Focused attention

  • Time management

  • Managing emotions

  • Behaviour

  • Improving problem solving

  • Managing sensory experiences  

  • Increasing independence

Sessions can address a range of topics including the ones above, they may include:

  • Positive parenting

  • Establishing boundaries and rules

  • Healthy routines

  • Meditation & mindfulness

  • Learning strategies & skills that you can teach your children:

  • Executive functioning skills

  • Sensory strategies

  • Self regulation skills

  • Zones of regulation and/or Brainworks approaches

  • Scheduling, routines, activity skills and tools

These evidence based tools empower parents with knowledge and skills to help their children thrive.  


This service is for all parents.  

Whether your child has a diagnoses, or whether you're feeling the pressures of modern day family life, this service is available to support you and your children.

Positive Parenting

The positive parenting approach is about setting clear boundaries while offering unconditional love, helping children learn to manage their behaviour and interact positively with those around them.  Yvonne help's parents find effective ways of dealing with common child behaviour problems.  She looks at potential causes of problem behaviours, helping parents manage their own emotions when dealing with their children, and supporting children's emotional development through positive encouragement and teaching.  This approach helps parents create an environment where children can thrive.

Executive Functioning Skills

EFS refer to a family of mental processes that allow us to reason and think before acting, meet new challenges head-on and with flexibility, stay focused, inhibit distractions, and more.  

Often, EFS can be more predictive of academic and career success than either socioeconomic status or IQ. 

EFS blossom most when we lessen things that impair them (like stress or sadness) and enhance the things that support them (like joy or feelings of belonging).  EFS also help regulate emotions and can help children manage stimulus and cope with stress. 

To improve EFS, practice is critical.  EFS need to be continually challenged to see improvements, specific activities are taught to parents during our session

Mindfulness and Meditation

Dr Siegel, a clinical professor of psychiatry at UCLA School of Medicine created the meditation technique "The Wheel of Awareness".  This science based approach focuses on brain integration.  Studies of the brain have led to the conclusion that well-being comes from having an integrated brain.  Benefits include improved heart function, reduced stress hormone, improved immunity, reduced risk of cardiovascular disease, improved cholesterol levels, decreased inflammation, improved telomerase function.  Open awareness combats depression, anxiety and emotional dysregulation.  Meditation in general activates the vagus nerve, helping to counteract your body's flight or fight system with more clarity and calm.  As emotional intelligence enhances, you become more empathetic and have greater overall well-being.

Any age group can learn this practice, from kindergarteners to adults.  

Why Is Self-Regulation Important?

Research has shown that self-regulation can significantly influence an individual educationally, behaviourally, cognitively, psychologically, socially and physically.  There has been a common and recurrent finding; self-regulation development in childhood is an investment in your child's success regarding academic achievements, relationships with others, self-satisfaction and the ability to control themselves and their well-being. Learning to support your child's self-regulation will have long-lasting positive outcomes in all areas of their lives. Zones of Regulation is an approach that helps children gain skills in consciously regulating their actions, which in turn leads to increased control and problem solving abilities.

Parenting is a team sport, let us help

Email today for your appointment, we look forward to meeting you.

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