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YMOTC, supporting parents

Updated: Mar 11

YMOTC Provides

  1. Coaching.

  2. Parenting Skills & Support.

  3. ADHD, Autism, Giftedness, SPD Interventions.

  4. Food Allergy Support & Advocacy.

  5. Pre-Academic Skills.

  • Are you the parent of a child with ADHD, Autism, Food-Allergies or other life impacting diagnoses?

  • Are you a parent feeling the pressures of modern day family life?

Are you constantly running to keep the household together? Or juggling between your career, your children and other responsibilities? Is your to-do list endless?

You can't pour from an empty cup, YMOTC is here to support you.

Yvonne Moy Occupational Therapy Services (YMOTC)

Occupational therapy is a client-centred heath profession with a holistic approach. We focus on optimising well-being, problem solving and teaching skills to enable clients to thrive and participate in activities that are meaningful to them.  

As an Occupational Therapist, life coach and parent, Yvonne has integrated these skills to provide high quality, client-centred, and holistic services.   Expertise in these areas is combined with the latest evidence-based information to offer effective and practical strategies. These strategies help parents overcome parenting challenges, support their own well-being, and empower them with skills that enable them to help their children reach their potential at home, at school and in relationships.  

Yvonne is passionate about supporting parents to enhance connection and communication with their children, to help find solutions to the tricky everyday challenges that come hand-in-hand with parenting.

  1. Coaching

Our highly qualified coach and occupational therapist, Yvonne, works with parents to identify issues which have become a barrier to achieving what's meaningful to them. In these coaching sessions, she will use interventions that assist in the development of tools to prioritise goals, improve time management, form healthy habits, re-balance life, overcome challenges and strive for dreams.

2. Parenting Support and Skills

In today's modern world parenting has become increasingly complicated and demanding.  Yvonne works alongside parents to develop positive parenting skills, science based meditation exercises, mindfulness and more. For children who need assistance- regulating sensory experiences, improving attention and focus, reducing anxiety, regulating their actions and increasing problem solving abilities- Yvonne simplifies how to improve implement effective strategies at home such as Sensory Diets, Zones of Regulation and improve Executive Functioning Skills. These evidence-based tools empower parents, enabling children to thrive.  Yvonne's passionate about helping find solutions to the everyday challenges that come along with parenting. 

This service is for all parents.  Whether your child has a diagnoses, or whether you're feeling the pressures of modern day family life, this service is available to support you and your children.

3. ADHD, Autism, Giftedness, SPD Interventions

OT interventions are more effective when also implemented at home by parents.  Yvonne works alongside parents to provide effective strategies they can incorporate at home.  Sessions can include strategies to help with:

  1. Organisation and planning

  2. Sensory processing difficulties

  3. Self-regulation skills

  4. Fine & gross motor skills

  5. Executive functioning.

  6. Parent Coaching

Yvonne also incorporates parent training in behaviour therapy.  Research has proven that behaviour therapy is an effective treatment for ADHD - indeed, more so than medication alone - and is most effective when delivered by parents.  Occupational therapy is individualised to address your child's specific needs. Parents learn skills and strategies to help their child succeed at school, at home, and in relationships.

4. Food Allergies

Yvonne is a parent of a young adult with multiple, life threatening food allergies.  Yvonne works with parents to help navigate this journey from new born to adulthood.  This service includes supporting parents through the unique challenges they will face, practical problem solving, stress management, support following reactions, and advocacy with kindergartens and schools.

5. Pre-Academic Skills

Pre-academic skills are part of cognitive development. Young children who develop these skills are more likely to succeed in academic skills once they enter school, have better chances of succeeding later on at school, and carry the skills with them as they grow older.

Children with ADHD are significantly behind their peers by year 4, hence giving them an early boost helps their future academics.

Parent training in pre-academic skills is available to enable you to implement these skills at home.  

For more information on these 5 services please visit the 'Therapy' pages on the YMOTC website.

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Parenting is a team sport, let us help

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